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Steve Scheier

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Do More Good Better | How to Use the Power of Decision Clarity™ to Mobilize the Talent of Your Non-Profit Team and Board

Steve Scheier is the CEO and Founder of Scheier+Group.

Steve’s background in politics, marketing, organizational development and education policy has enabled him to create dynamic practices that foster empowered organizations. His primary passion is to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness through processes that clarify and distribute decision-making responsibility.

Steve believes that Decision Clarity will spur innovation, empower employees, enhance staff retention, increase leadership development and enable social sector and non-profit organizations to scale.

Prior to Scheier+Group, Steve served as the Vice President of Human Resources at College Summit, one of the nation’s premiere social sector organizations. He also served in this role in three technology organizations. Steve experienced the challenges facing non-profit Executive Directors while he was President of the non-profit Entrepreneurs’ Foundation.

Earlier in his career, Steve worked for nine years at Apple. During this period he served as the Product Introduction Manager for the Macintosh launch in 1984, the Manager of Apple’s Creative Services Department and as the Director of K-12 Marketing.

Steve has also worked for the National Institute of Education, the California Department of Education and the California State Assembly.

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